Monday, 5 October 2009

Really ... it's the Gun Frontier!

Hey you! This is Fallen reporting. Sure we haven't been active with Harlock over the months but I have something ELSE up my sleeve. I have joined the Rabbits and have kept this as a side project. Why?

1) Because Harlock scans are hell annoying to clean and THUS it is REALLY slow

2) The Rabbit Reich are an amazing group. Also they have another vivid Harlock Fan translator who thought we could do a team up.

3) If you wanted to say, oh I don't know, translate Japanese to English of Leiji Matsumoto's works ... they have a full team of people (I will be absolutely WILLING to clean any Matsumoto scans) who work with you to release any Matsumoto work.

Okay First things first ...



You know you want it.

~ Fallen

Thursday, 23 July 2009

It's Horror

Leiji Matsumoto needs more fame. HENCE WE DID MORE! Well not me exactly.

My friends, this is the wonderful group named "Rabbit Reich". Say hello.

Why are they so very awesome? Because they set up and arranged for a collab on THIS:

Firefly Inn Chapter 5!

(All those lovely people like you go here: Here)

I hope you enjoy this release! It was really fun cleaning it and if ANYONE could give us the rest of the chapters, it would be much love.

Please support Rabbit Reich in being very, very awesome (and strange but we all love that).


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Welcome to Gun Frontier!

This is a blog dedicated to translating Leiji Matsumoto manga scans. And our first project as Harroku Scans is: Space Pirate Captain Harlock! I hope they are satisfactory ^^

Translator: Yuugatachan
Editor: Fallen (me)


Volume 1 - Chapter 1: Link

I hope you enjoy them X3 We have had a ball doing them too ^^